"Den lieb ich, der Unmögliches begehrt"

(J.W. von Goethe, Faust II)

Welcome to Almerfeld Manor.

At Almerfeld Manor near Brilon in the German Sauerland, a team of experienced specialists came together, to analyse and solve, from a holistic perspective, tasks that concern our business partners and ourselves. We see ourselves as a ThinkTank and our target is to find a balance between creativity, innovation and real impact for the partner.

Successful work means to us, to create unique performance profiles. Our drive is the demand on ourselves and the delight at our work, without being forced into the corset of an agency.

The ThinkTankTeam develops new ideas, which we bring to life as trendsetters without limits of thinking. Trend research rather than market research. Complex topics can be solved interdisciplinarily, consistently and permanently. This is where the team of the ThinkTank starts. In the end creative, real and solid solutions are at hand. Our concepts are supported by the experience of our own entrepreneurial activity and the knowledge about the tension between creativity and economic possibilities.

It's time to act, what are we waiting for?


Our core team of artists and designers, PR-, marketing-, and communication strategists, media builders, cultural scientists, architects, jurists, economists and financial specialists deals with our clients' questions, in particular in the following areas:

  • Art & Design: Painting, sculptures, installations
  • Product design and development
  • Brand development
  • CIP
  • Marketing & communication: Strategy, conception, events, campaigns
  • Media: Editing & production of various content for all media, visualizations
  • Architecture: Project development and planning, renovation
  • Interior design
  • Legal advice by lawyers with a focus on trademark law, patent law, licensing and copyright law
  • M & A, due diligence
  • Corporate capitalization, venture capital

Think different, act differently

Current projects

We are currently developing solutions and concepts for the following projects:

  • Food & Beverage / Sales:
    Realisation of the e-commerce-project „Hofladen-Portal“ (farmshop-portal)
  • Food & Beverage / Real Estate:
    Regional supply projects
    Stationary lodging solutions, market halls, catering
  • Real Estate:
    „Smart Living“- concepts for the revitalization and redesign of urban stockareas
  • Automotive / Racing:
    Artwork – Racing Team in cooperation with a national automotive partner
  • Automotive / Marketing:
    Tesla – Driving Experience
  • Intellectual Property:
    Structuring of an international Holding company to optimise IP protection of research results
  • Finance:
    Preparing IPO at EURONEXT and SMI
  • Research & Development::
    E-Mobility in Cooperation with technical universities
  • Art:
    Preparation of the art exhibitions in Fulda and Heidelberg
  • Art & Design:
    The finish of the sculpture park of the KRAH Group
  • Project Development / Design / Real Estate:
    TCM-Clinic, European Center of Chinese Healing Culture
  • Media:
    50 years „Service-Walzwerk“, Boecker Wender Stahl (film project), visual management